Enabling Organizations of All Sizes to Reach Their Full Potential Through Corporate Social Responsibility

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Maximize the ROI on Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program
and Increase Employee Retention



Increase Employee Wellness by Enabling Greater Participation in Their Community Causes

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Connect Your Business to Non-Profits Around the World
for Exchanging Gifts, Skills, and Products

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The Premier Corporate Social Responsibility Solution

Designed so that any size company, not just Fortune 1000, can participate in CSR

Delivers a complete turn-key CSR solution combining both robust cloud-based tools and leading practices

Provides an instant connection to thousands of vetted nonprofits around the world

Built from the ground-up on the world’s #1 cloud ERP platform, Oracle NetSuite

Social Impact Marketplace
GiveRight provides a complete cloud-based CSR Solution-in-a-Box that is seamlessly integrated with your Oracle NetSuite ERP
  • An efficient process for reviewing and selecting nonprofits
  • Instant access to a vetted pool of over 100K nonprofits
  • Easy access to a wide volunteer pool
  • Many additional revenue sources

GiveRight Volunteerism for NetSuite
Volunteering Made Simple, Easy and Fun.

GiveRight enables your employees to donate their time and talents to causes around the world. In today’s socially conscious workforce, employees are increasingly demanding more meaning and purpose in their workplace. As a result, more companies of all sizes are adopting employee-centered volunteering programs to achieve higher employee engagement and leadership development, while employees have become more productive and better-off in the workplace.

GiveRight Workplace Giving for NetSuite
Building Collaborative and Impactful Giving

GiveRight directs funding to the nonprofits you want to support. Workplace Giving is an essential part of the entire Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy providing vital societal impact and increased brand awareness and improved brand perception for your company. Whether it be for an employee assistance fund, a company-run event like pet adoption, an employee-advised fund, or a matching program to encourage further participation with employee donations, companies have many options when it comes to employee fundraising. GiveRight’s Workplace Giving module manages employee cash donations and seamlessly tracks all employee donations eligible for company matching. The system’s reporting function also guides future initiatives by allowing you to target relevant fundraising events or opportunities based on giving trends.

GiveRight ProBono Services for NetSuite
Sharing Expertise. Making a Difference.

GiveRight increases employee engagement and provides valuable assistance to the community. Pro Bono services bring employees of diverse departments together to work on a common charitable cause helping to create a better workplace environment and improved employee morale. From legal counsel to accounting audits, to website design, nonprofits leverage the expertise residing in businesses to accomplish their missions. Pro Bono Giving will improve your public image by allowing you to demonstrate your investment in the community, and it also improves your customer relations as you align with causes that your customers care about.

GiveRight Wellness for NetSuite
Encouraging More Productive Living and Working

GiveRight encourages employee participation in holistic health programs which benefit both the company and the individual. As lines between work and life blur, providing end-to-end wellness programs is becoming a corporate responsibility and a strategy to drive employee morale, engagement, and productivity. These programs now play an important role in defining an organization and are a critical part of their employment brand and culture.

GiveRight Corporate Philanthropy for NetSuite
Philanthropy That’s Efficient, Meaningful and Measureable

GiveRight allows companies to identify causes and organizations for direct funding. The application is a complete grantmaking module that includes functionality for defining programs and initiatives, receiving applications, managing grants, and tracking expenses. It also facilitates good communication between stakeholders to ensure that you are selecting the right partners and causes for your organization.

Leading Practices
GiveRight provides faster time-to-value with leading practices based on many years of experience.
  • Seamless intergration to Oracle NetSuite’s ERP Financials and SuitePeople
  • 360˚ visibility of all CSR activities from one office to many
  • Real-time reporting available 24/7 to measure engagement and impact
  • Highly efficient workflows – no manual steps
  • Great user experience with mobile accessibility provides medium for employees to support favored causes and opportunity for more people to get involved
Getting Started with GiveRight
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